“Take 6 and relax”

“Do the following technique to calm your nerves, relaxation, stress relief and to just feel good” “Read the book innercise for more information” Whenever you feel exhausted, stressed, blown out means your brain shuts down it’s ability to think clearly. At that time slowly take a deep breath in and hold it for a secondContinue reading ““Take 6 and relax””

“Set any goals in just 4 steps”

“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at that time.” Michael Phelps 1. Decide exactly what do you want? why do you want? How much money? What kind of health? Vacation? Material possessions? What else you could add……..… 2. Set a deadline. by when?Continue reading ““Set any goals in just 4 steps””

“The Aladdin factor”

Imagine that now you’ve found a magic lamp and when you scratch it suddenly “Genie” comes out and says “master” thanks for calling me , ask your wishes. “knowing that now you can ask unlimited wishes. ” what would you ask for” ” what one big goal/dream” would you ask if you are absolutely guaranteedContinue reading ““The Aladdin factor””