Balancing your life

“Focus on being balanced- success is balance.

Laila Ali

  • A well-balanced life is the true successful life.
  • People often correlate success with making a lot of money, getting rich, career success. And that is understandable.
  • What If someone has a lot of money and not in the pink of health, unfulfilled relationship, can we consider this as a true success.
  • True success comes from a sense of satisfaction that you are in control of all the key areas of your life.
  • Balancing our life is not a one-time process. It is an ongoing process.
  • You may not take complete control of your life. certainly, you can make good enough.

Key areas of our life

Key areas of our life include:

1. Physical and mental health

2. Family and relationships

3. Business and career

4. Spirituality and contribution to the society

5. Financial

6. Fun and recreation

7. Personal achievement/learning

Grade yourself:

  • Now, I would like you to grade yourself in the above areas of your life on a scale of 1-10.
  • Write down your scores and be honest with yourself in the process.

Pay attention to your scores:

  • See the areas where you have overscored and underscored.
  • If your score is between 8-10, you are doing excellent.
  • A score between 5-8, shows you are doing good.
  • A score below 5, shows the area needs some real attention.

Improve your scores

  • Once you identified the areas that needs more attention, find out what exactly holds you back and find a way to overcome it.
  • In the same way, work on every other areas to keep the scores excellent.

It’s an ongoing process

  • Balancing our life is an ongoing process and it never stops.
  • Our job is to keep track of all the key areas of our lives and to fulfill the day-to-day needs and wants.
  • Thereby we can maintain a well-balanced life.

Everything in life…has to have balance.

Donna Karan

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