“Try fast, fail fast”

“The more you try, the better you get, the better you get, the better decisions you will make, the better decisions you will make, the better results you will get”

Brian Tracy
  • One of the major differences between successful people and unSuccessful people is that successful people try far more things than unsuccessful people ever do.
  • Successful people fail far more times than unsuccessful people do.
  • Successful people know that the more things they try, the luckier they get.
  • The more things you try, the chances are that soon or later you will find the one that works perfectly for you.
  • One of the reality is that most of the things we try in our lives don’t work, at least for the first few times.
  • To be successful in our lives we must be willing to try more things, expect and accept the temporary setbacks and failures, course correct, and carry on your journey till we get the desired results.

” To increase your success rate, double your failure rate

Thomas J Watson

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