“We always have a choice”

“Happiness is not by chance; but by choice.”

Jim rohn
  • At every moment of our life, we always have a choice.
  • There is nothing we should do, we are free to choose whatever we want.
  • As Louise hay author of the book “you can heal your life” says “should” is one of the most damaging words and every time we say we should do something, We are wrong.
  • The word “should” frightens us and puts more pressure on us.

We could replace “should” with “could”

  • As I mentioned earlier we always have a choice, why don’t we choose “could” over “should”.
  • Because “could” gives us more freedom.
  • How do the following lines sound: ” I should buy a new car by December 2021″ or ” I could buy a new car by December 2021.
  • Which of the above statement sounds more convincing.
  • When we use “could” over “should” we are ultimately giving ourselves more freedom and thereby we increase our chance of hitting our goals with “ease and peace”.

“we are here to have peace,harmony and prosperity and let’s have it.”

“Be miserable or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it is always your choice.”

Wayne Dyer

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