What is your self concept?

“A person’s self concept is the core of his personality.”

Joyce brothers

  • We all have a self concept about who we are and how we do things.
  • Many of us may not be aware of our self concept and some of us may be aware of it.
  • Our self determines our results in our life.
  • We all have a self concept about how we should dress, how we should speak , how we should work, with whom we should associate, what kind of person we are, what kind of father, mother, son, daughter we are and also on what food we should eat and not to eat etc.,

Change for the better

  • To lead a successful life, we must be aware of our self concept.
  • We must aim for a greater self concept to become a better person as possessed by some of the great people.
  • We must be willing to make changes in our self concept in order to get better results in our life.
  • Changing our self concept requires change in our attitude.

” To many people overvalue what they are and undervalue what they are.”

Malcolm Forbes

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