“Forgive and let go ‘

Anger is like holding on to a hot coal , with the intent of throwing at some one.. remember you are the one to be harmed first.

Lord buddha

Right now, in this moment are you angry about someone or something?it may be a incident or a person in your life up to this moment?

  • You might have come across people at 70’s and 80’s who are still angry, about something or someone for what have happened in their childhood. They don’t know how to forgive. Anger causes us irritation and unhappiness. Why should we carry unhappiness, irritation for what has happened in the past?

  • Anger long-held can eat away our body.
  • Long-held anger leads to chronic stress and pain, which will affect various organs. stress affects the biochemistry of our bodies.
  • Our anger has nothing to do with the other person, it only affects us.
  • The kindest thing we could for ourselves is to forgive everyone and everything in our lives.
  • We need to practice forgiveness on a daily basis. The one we find hardest to forgive is the one, we should let go of first.

Make a list of everyone and every event in your life that you are angry about? Please,Let them go out of your memory by forgiving them.

Simple Exercise for forgiveness:

  • Take out one of your palm and place it in your heart, and say “I am willing to forgive” + the name of the particular person or the incident you would like to let the, for ten times or more and you will feel the difference.
  • Chronic headaches are often caused by unforgiveness.
  • Playing a sport which involves physical movement of the body can help to reduce anger.
  • Punching at a pillow forcefully is also found effective in reducing anger….

“true forgiveness is when you say,
thank you for that experience”- Oprah winfrey

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