one of the best investment you could ever make: Invest in yourself

 An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

  • By the way, I learned that one of the best investments one could ever make in their life is to invest in themselves.
  • Personal growth Experts like Brian Tracy in his books suggest that we could at least invest 3% of our income back into our personal growth that is in upgrading our skills, which includes buying and reading books, listening to educational materials, and taking courses in our field.
  • The more we invest in ourselves, the better results we get in our personal life as well as in our professional life, and thereby we could ensure a brighter future and have peace of mind.

The worlds best know this very well

  • Most of the Successful people in the world invest a lot of time and money in upgrading their skills.
  • Because they know very well, knowledge is power and also we now live in an information age. The more information we have over any particular field helps us to make better decisions and to get better results.
  • They take time reading  books and listening to educational materials almost every day and also attend courses and seminars regularly to upgrade their skills more precisely,
  • It could be over business communications, public speaking, business development, sales, or even about having a healthy relationship and lifestyles or anything beneficial.
  • The Importance of personal growth cannot be overemphasized. If you invest your time and money wisely back into yourself, you will be astonished by the results and progress you will make in the years ahead.

The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading

David Bailey

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