” Taking responsibility for our lives “

“Responsibility is accepting that you are the cause and solution of that matter”


  • We are 100% responsible for our lives, actions and results in our lives.
  • No one has the blame and no one has the praise.
  • Our thoughts and actions determine our results in our life.
  • Our life is the reflection of our thoughts and our attitude.
  • No one can change our life, only we can change our life.
  • If we want to change what we are putting in, then we must change what we are putting in.
  • If we want to do something which we never did before, then we have to become someone we are never before.

” The price of greatness is responsibility”

Winston Churchill

Taking Little more responsibility

If you were to take a little more responsibility for your life, what will you do?

  • It could be something like waking up early in the morning, going to bed early, watching less tv, taking less caffeine, few minutes of exercise every day, being nice to your friends and family members.

There’s no one to be blamed :

  • Accepting the fact that we are 100% responsible for our lives, could change our entire lives.
  • If we are responsible for everything in our lives, then no one has to be blamed.
  • You may wonder “what for the unexpected events” that come in our way. Even there, by our thoughts, we attract those events into our lives.
  • Even after those unexpected events, we are in control of our response for those events.

” We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility of our future.”

George Bernard Shaw

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