“Your biggest obstacle = Your biggest gift”

“Man needs difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Every one of us have problems , difficulties, obstacles in our lives. It may be a financial issue, health issue , family and relationships issue and more….
  • Many people get stuck when they are confronted with the obstacles and they couldn’t able to find a way out.
  • The successful people are those no matter what comes up in their path, they never stop. They don’t consider quitting , it is not an option.
  • The only option is to look forward and go forward. They manage to find a way out.

Learn from your obstacles/failure/disappointment

  • Problems comes to instruct us not to obstruct us.
  • Problems are opportunities
  • Look within your difficulties ” it may contain a life changing lesson”
  • Ask this question ” what is the valuable lesson contained in this setback and how can I use it to improve my lives?
  • “Why it has happened to me”?
  • “What I can do to overcome this obstacle and make sure it doesn’t happen again”?

“out of difficulties grows miracles”

Jean de la bruyere

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