“The Aladdin factor”

Imagine that now you’ve found a magic lamp and when you scratch it suddenly “Genie” comes out and says

“master” thanks for calling me , ask your wishes.

“knowing that now you can ask unlimited wishes.

” what would you ask for”

” what one big goal/dream” would you ask if you are absolutely guaranteed that it will be fulfilled?

  • Make a list of 101 dreams/goals you would like to accomplish in your life time?
  • How much money would you want to make in this life time?
  • What kind of physical health would you like to have?
  • What kind of career/business success would you like to have ?
  • What kind of car would you like to drive?
  • Where do you want to spend to your vacation and whom do you want to spend with it?

” surprise, your genie is your pen and write down every thing you want to have in your life every day , soon or later it will manifests in your life”

” you become what you think about most of the time”

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